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Al Fahim Linez LLC is the ICT Business Organization of Al Fahim Avenue Group of Companies in UAE.

Al Fahim Linez is committed to offer quality business solutions & services with unprecedented features to various industries in UAE and the region by partnering with market leading companies from around the world in ICT domain.

While others are looking at technology such as cloud, mobility and IoT, at Al Fahim Linez, we are dedicated to innovate it to create value and make a difference in business operations of our customers. Al Fahim Linez solution & service is always learning of new technologies and processes but, NOT profess to be the master of all technologies however we introduce the best solutions to customer when needed.

Al Fahime Linez has developed ground breaking portfolio of business solutions in a range of different areas such as telecom solution, digital signage, security surveillance, augmented reality, analytics and smart solutions.


Al Fahim Linez is providing telecommunication solutions to small and Medium business Segment (SMB) across UAE. We help our customers source all their telecom and IT needs from authorized and approved partners and offer them a door-step service, both pre and post-sale. We are known to be team that is working hard to meet the needs of all customers, no matter how large or small they are. That’s why you can expect the best from us. In fact, you can expect more than the best: you can expect solutions that help you grow, thrive and achieve your unique goals.

Digital Solutions

Al Fahim Linez is the ideal partner for the companies and organizations, whether large or small, wherever they are. In a digital world, we promote innovation of communications addressing business requirements from various industry verticals to be more efficient, productive and cost saved in daily business operations.

Our business principle in customer engagement is ‘you-grown-we-grown’. Al Fahim Linez is committed to make a difference by introducing the best-in-class solutions & services for operational excellence so that customer can focus on its core business.

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