Colorful & Casual Italian style!


Harmont & Blaine S.p.A – an Italian company founded in Naples in 1995 – produces, markets and distributes high end sports clothing, with its signature Dachshund logo, for men, women and children.


An intensive campaign to grow the business on a global scale transformed the small family-run enterprise into a major player on the international stage. We now boast a distribution network comprising 70 Harmont & Blaine signature boutiques in Italy and 60 around the world, more than 1000 multi-brand sales outlets located across the globe, and a strong presence in leading chain stores and shopping malls in major world shopping capitals from the US to Mexico, Turkey, Spain, UAE, Qatar, Russia and China.


Innovation in style, joy, new forms and geometries without the shackles of excessive formality, the careful selection of the finest materials, provide the four corners of a corporate vision in which a new form of casual elegance, contaminated by practical elements demanded by the contemporary consumer , is achieved through creative verve.


We have made it our corporate mission to redraw the tenets of smart casual and make them fit the different lifestyles of the modern man. This approach shapes the strategic decisions we take and the collections we create – making our clothes the perfect seal of an exclusive combination of style and colour, while still offering practical comfort to be enjoyed at work and during free time.

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