About Us

Mission & Values

Distilled to a simple sentiment. We rise one step higher every day and bring about a different approach to our enterprise, giving the industry a fresh energy while serving as an engine for changes demanded by the rapid innovations in retail and marketing. In doing so, we never slow down in our pursuit of excellence. Excellence. A sense of respect. An honest and genuine interest in customer needs. A sense of responsibility to our retailers so they know their trust is well founded.

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As an integral part of our commitment to widening the scope of the company, our priority is to concentrate on diversity and target the gaps in the market.

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We help forward-thinking clients to
succeed in the business.


Today, our group is a leading distributor of fragrances, cosmetics and self-selection
products and continues to build its portfolio through new partnerships and joint


Brand Builders

To guarantee lasting attainment of the brands it symbolizes, the group’s promise is: Get
To know the type of advertises, fashions, customers and competition. Recognize all



Understanding of the newest market and fashion looks, ALFahim Avenue Group captures a top
view for its fashion brands. The group ensures the visibility of its fashion


Corporate & B2B

Al Fahim Avenue is committed to offering customers an unrivaled choice of the world’s
best brands with exceptional standards of customer service and after-sales