AlfaConnect is a leading supplier of Interactive kiosk, Mobile charging stations, Payment kiosk, LED display screen, Wireless charging Interactive Table & Wireless paging solution.

Interactive/Non Interactive
Digital Display Screens/Kiosk

With the help of the hardware and software in Information kiosk, customers can find access to information and application they are looking for. The customers can also communicate, entertain and can get educate from this advanced technology. Our updated system allows you to perform a lot of related activities evolving in the system. Additionally, interactive kiosks can also extend marketing services as digital signage, promoting the latest products and/or services, else host paid-for advertising services. They can also simply serve as wayfinders by displaying interactive maps around shopping malls, trade shows, corporate buildings, as well as museums and other complexes.

Mobile Charging Station

Our mobile charging lockers are ideal for Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Conferences, Trade shows, Festivals, Fairs, Gyms, Shopping centers/Mall, Events, Schools, Hospitals, Library etc. Each is customizable and have maximum security through our digital or manual PIN code. Each locker has connection for micro USB, iPhone, and type C, so it adapts to more than 95% of the phones on the market.

Payment Kisok

Self-service kiosks allow to increase accuracy, eliminates long queue, reduce labour cost, showcase promotions. Widely used in restaurants, fast food joints and food courts. The use of self-service payment kiosks also helps companies to reinforce their image as high-tech operators.

Wireless Interactive
mobile phone charging table

Wireless Interactive mobile phone charging table is an innovative table having both interactive digital display screen with smartphone wireless charging system widely used in restaurants, board meeting rooms, office reception and recreation hall. Integrating software with the hardware allows to make it more interesting, especially in restaurants with self-service food ordering system.

Wireless paging solution

Wireless paging solution, at its core is a simple and efficient hardware based communication solution. Using a calling system can mean significant timesaving, and an optimized efficient workflow. A paging calling system not only induces costs savings, but also takes advantage of waiting time for better service or faster response. Widely used in Restaurants, Cafes, Healthcare/Hospitals and Construction industries. Paging systems for doctors, Wireless bell systems, Nurse call systems, Pharmacy queuing system and office boy call system, are widely used to provide smooth service with efficient use of workforce in hospitals now a days.

Premium LED display screen

Premium LED display screen supplier with

  • – Indoor LED display
  • – Outdoor LED display
  • – Outdoor P7.8 Display
  • – Flexible LED display
  • – Ultra LED display
  • – Transparent LED displays

Table Top Advertising Screen- Interactive/Non Interactive with Mobile phone charging.

Presenting a smart advertising solution on the table, close to eyes, interactive and a brilliant way of offering mobile charging on each table with wired or wireless mobile phone charger, stylish design for easily attracting people’s attention, product size and appearance perfect for table, benches and counter. Ideal way to display running advertisements for restaurants, hotel rooms, bar, cafés, office reception, waiting lounge, hair/beauty salons, special events/conference’s. 100% customizable with color and your company logo.

Content Management Software

Personalized customization in terms of appearance, sizes and function…….more choices, more user experience. Content Management System for advertising solution, the hardware that is responsible for displaying the content while the software makes ensure what, when and how the content to display. Creating seamless and reliable playback will not only help to deliver information to your audience in the most efficient way possible but also help reinforce your company’s brand.