Welcome to Alfahim-Avenue Group

As an integral part of our commitment to widening the scope of the company, our priority is to concentrate on diversity and target the gaps in the market. With each emerging brand addressing a consumer need, we truly believe this company can be seen as a trendsetter in creating an enviable range of products and becoming a household name synonymous with excellence and, in doing so, raising retail to a new level. We express our gratitude to our team for their dedication to the company’s vision, and their belief that we are on the right path. Their combined 120 years of experience makes them the ideal spearhead for our ventures and ensures that we will reach our goals without ever compromising our integrity or our pursuit of delivering on the promise.


Company Overview

Al Fahim Avenue Group of Companies LLC has systematically strengthened its distribution arm and elevated itself from the procurement of luxury items for the corporate world to becoming an entity engaged in the organized Distribution of a wide array of up market luxury products at the regional level. Al Fahim Avenue has swiftly come to be known by its competitors, as well as in the market, for its cutting edge leadership, its uncompromising worth ethic and its clarity in planning, all of which set the standard.

Mission & Values

Distilled to a simple sentiment. We rise one step higher every day and bring about a different approach to our enterprise, giving the industry a fresh energy while serving as an engine for changes demanded by the rapid innovations in retail and marketing. In doing so, we never slow down in our pursuit of excellence. Excellence. A sense of respect. An honest and genuine interest in customer needs. A sense of responsibility to our retailers so they know their trust is well founded.

We help forward-thinking clients to
succeed in the business.